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About Me

Currently, I'm a third year Computer Science PHD student in University of Pittsburgh. I've always been interested in various Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning topics. Currently, I work on Outlier Detection on Clinical Electronic Health Record data. Problems that I'm trying to solve include learning accurate probablastic models on time series high imblanced datasets. Two important problems you see today in any real world big data. Morover, I'm interested in large data and distributed machine learning, trying to bring them into my research.

I've had a blog for almost year that I write every now and then. I recently planned to start writing more personal stuff aside technical posts. Therefore, you can learn more about me on "Notes by a Nerd"

Other topics that I'm interested in includes getting to know us. By Us I mean humans and the way we think. Interested in answering questions such as how humans concieve happyness and how to be persuasive. Includes, many topics in business, psychology and etc. Checkout here to know more.