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I wish days were much longer leting us do much more. But this what I really enjoy doing in the time I have.

Riding My Bike

Bikes are great... I hope some day more people use their bikes as means of communications. At least, for short distances.

Books I enjoy..

How do we think? What makes people happy? What are people needs? Truth about human brains? These are questions I find interesting to seek answers for. I beleive to do good what ever people are doing the first thing they should learn is how their brain works and how thoughts of people are shaped.

The book "Paradox of Choice" was one of the early books I read in this area. The book is truely awesome and discusses strategies of people brains toward making decisions and how comparison, evaluation and decision making proccesses are done in human brains. More importantly, the book starts with the question "Does everyday increasing number of choices improve the quality of our lives and increase our joy out of life?". And, surprisingly the answer is NO. On the contraty it makes it turturous. You may argue that you already had felt this everytime you go shopping. But, I think the important is to know why and Barry Schwartz does a fantastic job in explaining this. This book changed the way I look at life and is the first think I suggest to anyone.